Distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)

Union Company helps put products on shelves of stores located anywhere in Kosovo – from busy Prishtina shopping centers, supermarkets and pharmacies, to the lonely stores up in the mountainous villages of Kosovo. Wherever they may be, Union Company connects Kosovo consumers with international brands suited for them.


Union Company capacity features a fleet of dozens of heavy, medium and light-weight vehicles to deliver products to retailers; experienced sales staff to maximize revenues; and, 18,720 m2 of space to enable efficient warehousing and business operations.

Company History

Founded in 1989 with 100% private capital as a distributor of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), Union Company has evolved from a local to a national business distributor and beyond. The company’s operations include warehousing, distribution, logistics, and sales of international brands in Kosovo. The corporation has consistently displayed outstanding market performance, with at least ten percent growth year-on-year since 2008. Additionally, in year 2006 Union Company acquired a 21% stake of Banka Ekonomike, a growing local private bank, thus giving the company strategic access to capital, data and expertise.


Union Company exists to bring together consumers and brands for a better life. We are committed to finding the best brands to market at competitive prices, distributing where consumers want to shop.


We aim to become a leading distribution company by achieving outstanding customer satisfaction and creating superior value for our stakeholders in the distribution business.

Union Company Brands

Union Company connects Kosovo consumers with products suited for them.
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