Distribution of Partner Brands

Union Company mostly operates within the territory of Kosovo, and over the years the company has developed a wide distribution network and excellent working relations with individual points of sale. By leveraging company resources, Union provides seamless services to Partner Brands aiming to sell products in Kosovo.


  • People
  • Processes
  • Capital
  • Facilities
  • Technology


The company diligently researches the Kosovo market continually to identify needs and desires, then proactively connects with the most suitable brands, which would be able to provide the appropriate product lines, at the optimal price points, that Kosovo consumers would be willing and able to pay for. Union Company offers seamless services to Partner Brands aiming to sell food products, hygiene products, furniture and electronics in Kosovo. In essence, Union Company’s operations are focused in the following areas that enable Brands to efficiently supply the Kosovo market with a broad range of products: Warehousing, Distribution, Logistics, Sales, Supervising, Sales Analyses, Trade Marketing, Merchandising, Promotions

Company Operations

Union Company has a growing customer base and is successfully expanding into new markets, matching supply to demand, preventing excess inventory and lost revenue. The company maximizes profit through efficient internal operations and procurement processes, while offering a broader product mix, delivering those products faster, and meeting customer demands as they evolve.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAC System, CRM and SCMd
  • Pocket PC ordering system linked in real-time with inventory and receivables management system.
  • GPS Control System
  • Complete integrated solution capable of aggregating data across systems
  • Unified data model for product, customer and project information

Company Operations