“Union Company offers high quality storage, distribution and wholesale services.”


Our sales units are a very specialized and disciplined force. For each of our brands and departments we have a systematized structure consisted of sales managers, sales agents and specific department support systems.


Our distribution capabilities truly set us apart from our competition, with timely deliveries and scheduled running of the company logistics being carried out by our fleet of:
4 Trucks
27 Vans
1 Pick-up trucks
17 Cars


Our merchandising sector is our specialty, as we always seek to attain the best possible positions in retail for our products. Our company always seeks to get access to beneficial positions inside the retail buildings whereupon we place POS materials.


We have established substantial holdings out of which our logistics divisions base themselves off to provide full coverage of the region. A substantial part of this operation is the 8.000m2 Central Warehouse.


In order to facilitate the necessary expansion of the company, our investments in the logistics sector have been gradually increasing. Our logistics center on both distribution and warehousing.


We undertake a variety of promotional campaigns, from Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line activities, to using various mediums and contacts to take on cross-promotions.

Media Buying

We approach media buying as a very necessary aspect of product promotion. To further the reach of our products, we have a very sophisticated system of media buying in place. On annual basis, we buy nearly 10.000 TV minutes.